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You've placed an order, the money has been debited from your account but you haven't received your order confirmation email. Has the order been successful?!

Not to worry, this usually means that the email you used to place the order may have had a spelling mistake or the email may have gone through to your junk mail inbox. Just be sure to check all inboxes through your email account.

Send an email or message through to our customer services team and they'll be able to locate your order. They'll simply need the full name and the date when you placed the order.

ZimSeller Pharmacy

We post all our parcels from our warehouse in Johannesburg, South Africa. All our delivery options come with a tracking number. Once your order’s been sent, you’ll receive the tracking information by email.

DHL and EMS will show tracking immediately after the parcel is dispatched but it can take up to 36-48 hours before you can track parcel sent via the Post Office. The tracking usually starts once the parcel is accepted by our local post office branch in Bryanston and ends at the international sorting facility in Johannesburg. If you can’t track your parcel, it probably hasn’t left our local post office branch.

If it appears as if your parcel is stuck at the international sorting facility, it is because tracking history is only available within South Africa. Once the parcel leaves SA, tracking stops and this makes it look as if the parcel is stuck in Johannesburg. This position may change in the not too distant future. Assuming no delays in your country, the parcel would normally arrive roughly between 7 -10 working days.

To get your tracking number and tracking link, go to ‘MY ACCOUNT” and log in with your email and password. Click on the order number that you want to track and view order history. Click on the tracking link and that will take you straight to the online parcel tracking page. We recommend you create an account on ZimSeller when you place your order to easily save and track future orders in your ‘MY ACCOUNT” area.

If you continue to experience difficulties, send an email or message through to our customer services team and they'll be able to help further. They'll simply need order number.

ZimSeller Pharmacy

Do not worry, this is perfectly normal. We usually remove the outer packaging to reduce the weight of the parcel at the post office. Removing the outer packaging also makes the envelope nice and slim and therefore amenable to being pushed through the letter box.

The tablets themselves do not get affected in any negative way because we use padded envelopes.

One thing we always make sure you get is the package insert. The little piece of paper that bears all the important information about product ingredients, how to use the medicine, possible side effects, manufacturer details, etc, etc. The expiry date is usually imprinted at the back of the tablet slab. Therefore, in essence, all you need is included in the package.

ZimSeller Pharmacy

Your delivery estimate is based on your purchase date and your choice of shipping method. Please see the table below.

  • DHL – 5-7 Days
  • EMS – 10-15 Days
  • Post Office – 14-28 Days

Here's what to expect once your order is placed:

You will receive an order confirmation email that will include an estimated shipment date(s) based on the delivery method selected when the order was placed.
  • Once the order is shipped, you will receive a shipping confirmation email. Please click on the 'Track Shipment' link within the email to receive the most up-to-date shipping information.
  • After clicking the 'Parcel Track' link, you can also sign up for delivery updates through SMS
  • You need to be logged into your ZimSeller account in order to view the ' Parcel Track' link.

  • Some things to keep in mind:
    • Parcels sent via South African Post Office can only be tracked within South Africa. In some countries, the local Post Office may be able to convert the South African tracking number into the local equivalent so that the shipment can be tracked locally. Please contact the Customer Service department of your local post office to find out about tracking number conversion.
    • Estimated delivery dates are displayed on the checkout page at the time of placing a new order. Please select the fastest delivery method if possible. We recommend DHL which delivers within 5 working days.
ZimSeller Pharmacy

Your medicine should not fall into the wrong hands. Professional Pharmacy guidance requires that someone over the age of 18 is in to sign for receipt of medicines. The courier may be unable to post the parcel through your door as they must ensure that the medicines are handled safely and handed to a responsible person, which means they do not accidentally get into the hands of a child or eaten by a pet.

If you are not in, a note will be pushed through your letterbox informing you of the failed delivery and your medicines will be returned to the delivery depot.

You can then follow the instructions on the missed delivery card to rearrange the delivery or collect it from the relevant depot.

Remember we can deliver to your convenient location e.g. your work place, and all our deliveries can be packaged securely and discreetly.

ZimSeller Pharmacy

If your order is eligible for replacement, you will have 2 options as far as delivery options are concerned:

  • Post Office.Your replacement order will be sent via the Post Office. (By the way, order replacement almost always relates to parcel sent via the post office and never to those posted via DHL/EMS). The biggest disadvantage of electing to have your replacement parcel sent via the post office is that, the same fate may befall the replacement parcel, that is, the replacement parcel might get lost or stolen as well. Also bear in mind that the Post Office would require another 14-28 days to deliver the new parcel.
  • DHL Shipping. Your replacement order will be sent via DHL. You can expect your new parcel to arrive within 5 working days. With DHL, you can your track your parcel all the way from South Africa to your delivery address, whereas with Post Office, the parcel can only be tracked in South Africa. DHL is just a fast, safe and totally reliable shipping option. Having said that, you have no obligation to pay for DHL shipping for your replacement parcel as ZimSeller policy is to use the same delivery option as was used on the original order.