Delivery & Shipping

Yes, We Deliver Worldwide from South Africa! But ...

Please make sure the medicine you want to buy is allowed in your country. We ship all medicines from South Africa, so, when you place an order on this site, you will be importing medicine from SA into your country. You can simply call your local Customs Office to find out. Some countries like Germany, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Thailand, and the USA, etc. have very strict Customs regulations. Don't say we did not warn you!

There is no compensation for any loss resulting from goods being seized, confiscated or destroyed by Customs. We replace/refund lost orders only.


Codeine products (Stilpane, Syndol, Pynstop, Acurate, Adco-dol, etc) can only be shipped via "DSV Untracked".



Courier Services - Quick Comparison

  DHL Express DSV Express DSV Untracked
Delivery time frame 3-7 days 5-7 days 4-6 weeks
Liquids allowed? No Yes Yes
Codeine products? No No Yes
Parcel tracking? Yes Yes No
Countries served All All All
Delivery sucess rate  89% 92%  99%


DHL Express

*Avoid this option if your order has codeine products!*

DHL is well known world wide as a fast and reliable courier service. It delivers in as little as 3-7 days anywhere in the world. 

DSV Express

*Avoid this option if your order has codeine products!*

We recommend DSV Express for all orders without codeine products. DSV Express delivers anywhere in the world within 5-7 days. DSV can ship liquids, so if your order has cough syrups, solutions, suspensions and elixirs, be sure to use DSV.

DSV Untracked

DSV Untracked is a cheaper but slower shipping option offered by DSV. It delivers in 4-6 weeks. It is the best option for orders with codeine products such as Syndol, Acurate, Stilpane syrup, etc. Currently, it is the only option available for shipping codeine products.

As the name suggests, DSV Untracked does not come with a parcel tracking option. The best thing about this option, however, is that it is best at concealing parcels from the prying eyes of Customs officials. In South Africa, parcels are literally thrown into a large canvas bag. When the bag is full, it's hermetically sealed and shipped as a single bulk shipment. When the bag arrives in the destination country, customs officials won’t have a record of the individual parcels in the bag. The bag is then taken to a local DSV warehouse where it’s unpacked and the individual parcels are then processed for local delivery.

How Delivery Fees are Calculated

The correct delivery fee will be calculated at checkout. This cost will be based on a combination of factors such as number of items in the shopping cart (quantity), weight, delivery option selected, and delivery destination.

Import Duty & Additional Charges by Customs

Please note that we have no control over additional fees that Customs officials in your country may impose. It may be a good idea to contact your local Customs Office to inquire about the legality of importing the desired product into your country before you place an order on this website. Therefore, please note that ZimSeller prices, shipping and handling charges do not include any custom duties or taxes that may be incurred or charged on international orders. These charges are beyond the control of ZimSeller and need to be paid by the customer. Read more ...