Lost Order Replacement


  1. Lost Order” means a parcel that has been lost, stolen, damaged or destroyed in the postal system resulting in non-delivery to the customer. This definition excludes parcels confiscated by Customs authorities.
  2. Loss” means the sudden and unforeseen physical loss of a parcel. “Lost” has the corresponding meaning.
  3. Theft” or “Stolen” means the unlawful act of taking possession of someone's parcel with the intention of permanently depriving them of that parcel.
  4. Replacement parcel” means a package that replaces one that has been lost, stolen, damaged or destroyed.
  5. Maximum Limit of Indemnity” means the maximum amount that We will spend in the process of replacing your lost parcel. The amount shall not be greater than the value of your order at the time of loss, theft or accidental damage of your parcel.
  6. Original Delivery Method” means the delivery method that was used on the order which was subsequently lost e.g. Post Office ordinary mail.
  7. We”, “Us” refers to the seller, ZimSeller or its representatives.



The purpose of this document is to reiterate ZimSeller’s Order Replacement & Buyer Protection Policies. Unlike other online retailers, ZimSeller understands that sometimes things can go wrong and there may arise a need to replace your order. If it has been more than 6 weeks and your order still hasn't been delivered, please DO NOT panic, ZimSeller has already made provisions for this unfortunate eventuality…….

Here is a brief outline of our Order Replacement and Buyer Protection Policies:

Terms and Conditions

If your order is lost, stolen, accidentally damaged or destroyed in the post, we will replace it for you free of charge subject to the Terms and Conditions stated below. The following are Your terms and conditions for ZimSeller Lost Order Replacement. It is important that You read and understand this document. In case you do not receive your order and a replacement is required, the terms stated herein shall apply.

What are you covered for?

If your order is lost or stolen, we will replace the stolen products with the same or similar products, subject to the Maximum Limit of Indemnity.

An order is eligible for replacement if it has not been delivered 45 days after the date it was posted or 60 days from the date it was placed.

What are you NOT covered for?

An order is not eligible for replacement in the following circumstances:
  • parcel was confiscated (seized) by customs authorities
  • parcel was refused entry into your country and tracking says "returned to sender"
  • parcel failed to arrive within the time frame indicated by the SA Post Office (delivery delay does not fit the definition of "Lost" or "Stolen").
  • there is evidence that the parcel is actively tracking and is therefore delayed but not lost.
  • there is tracking evidence that your parcel was successfully delivered
  • there was no one available to receive the parcel at home and courier could not deliver
  • customer supplied the wrong delivery address and courier could not deliver
  • customer failed to pay duty or decided to abandon the parcel for whatever reason.
  • NOTE: The replacement products shall be given free of charge to the customer. Free gift products are, however, not eligible for replacement, that is, if the original order included any products that were not paid for, any such products shall not be replaced.

    Shipping Method 

    The replacement parcel shall be shipped using the original delivery/shipping method. This is the default company policy. However, if the original parcel was sent via the Post Office, the customer shall be given the option to pay for a more secure shipping method i.e. DHL or EMS, for the replacement parcel. There is no obligation for the customer to do so, however this is hugely beneficial (see next point).

    What if the Replacement Parcel Gets Lost? 


    In the event that the replacement parcel fails to arrive, ZimSeller shall refund the customer (in line with our 60 Day Money Back Guarantee) PROVIDED the customer used DHL/EMS for their replacement parcel.

  • If the customer elects to use the Post Office (a non-secure delivery option) and the replacement parcel fails to arrive, ZimSeller shall bear no further liability and the customer shall have no further claim against ZimSeller. 

    What if Original Parcel Eventually Arrives?

    Once an order is replaced, the original parcel automatically becomes the property of ZimSeller.
    Should the original parcel turn up after a replacement was shipped, you shall have two options:

  • Return it to ZimSeller
  • Keep it and pay for it.

  • If you wish to return the original parcel, please contact ZimSeller to obtain the return address nearest to you. Alternatively we may ask you to forward the parcel to one of our customers near you.

    On the other hand, if you wish to keep the parcel, you will need to purchase it from ZimSeller, as if you were placing a brand new order.

    Please contact us so that we can send you an invoice/request for payment.

    Kindly let ZimSeller know as soon as the original parcel is delivered. It is a criminal offence to keep goods that have already been replaced, with no intention to pay for them.