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Repleni-MAG replenishes and nourishes your muscles for the prevention of muscle spasm, muscle cramps, muscle tension, and symptoms of Restless Leg Syndrome.

Repleni-MAG contains 150mg Elemental Magnesium, Amino Acids, Co-Enzyme Q10, Anti-Oxidants, B-Complex Vitamins and other Essential Salts and Nutrients for muscle functioning.

While Magnesium is the second most abundant mineral inside our cells, it is also the second most common mineral to be deficient, alongside Vitamin D. Magnesium is not easily absorbed by the body unless it is first attached to a transporting substance such as a salt. For example, Magnesium Chloride (MgCl). MgCl breaks down into Magnesium and Chloride, whereby the Magnesium portion of the molecule is what is of benefit to the body.

Most Magnesium supplements contain Magnesium compounds, and the weight that is labelled in the Nutritional information of the product is the total weight of the Magnesium compound, not just the Magnesium portion. This results in less Magnesium being consumed than desired.

The quality of the Magnesium supplement depends on the amount of elemental magnesium in the supplement and how bioavailable it is. Bioavailability refers to the amount of magnesium in the supplement that can be assimilated by the digestive system and used for cellular activity and health benefit. There is a 150mg of elemental magnesium in Repleni-MAG.


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