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Collagen is a main component in nearly all of the body’s tissue. Collagen contains large amounts of the amino acids glycine, proline, hydroxyproline and arginine. The production of collagen in our body slows with aging. Biogen Collagen has the added benefit of Vitamin C, which promotes the formation of collagen (and it’s partnering protein, elastin).

Take 2 capsules before bedtime.

By now we all know that collagen, an ingredient in many face creams, is the protein responsible for plump, radiant skin. But the amino acids that make up collagen aren’t just something that can be applied to the outside of the body – they can also be ingested in the form of supplements.

These supplements are increasing in popularity, as people want to try to improve their looks from the inside too. Here’s what you need to know before you start taking one. 

There are different types of collagen

There are various types of collagen made up of different peptides or amino acids, and it’s important to use a product containing collagen that is geared at skin. If you are vegetarian it’s also worth noting that most collagen is derived from animals, such as fish scales, animal hides and bones. 

There are plenty of health benefits

Collagen is something our bodies need to have strong tendons and cartilage, and skin growth. This means that not only is this protein good for skin but it has health benefits below the surface as well. It has recently been shown to have benefits for gut health too. 

It can take a while to work

Many people who start taking a collagen supplement want to know when they will start seeing results. The reality is that results may vary and it will also require some patience before there are any visible changes. Most users report a change in their hair, skin and nails after about four months. 

It’s something we need

By the time we turn 40, collagen is depleted more quickly than our bodies are able to produce it. This means that taking a supplement is the ideal way to make sure we get enough amino acids so that we remain healthy and supple and our skin stays radiant. 

The beauty benefits are vast

While collagen benefits the body as a whole, it’s most noticeably beneficial to the skin. The main reason we get wrinkles as we age is because the lack of collagen causes skin to sag and droop as it loses elasticity and plumpness. Taking collagen supplements has been shown to dramatically reduce wrinkles, sometimes even up to 20%. 

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