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Betavit AFR 30 Capsules is an antioxidant, multivitamin and mineral formulation to keep you energized and healthy. It contains beta-carotene, Vitamin E, Vitamin C and Selenium.

Detailed Description:
Antioxidants are substances or nutrients in our foods which can prevent or slow the oxidative damage to our body. When our body cells use oxygen, they naturally produce free radicals (by-products) which can cause damage. Antioxidants act as "free radical scavengers" and hence prevent and repair damage done by these free radicals. Antioxidants may also enhance immune defense. Various factors contribute to oxidative damage such as: smoking, alcohol, sunlight exposure, preservatives, certain medicines and excessive exercise. Many vitamins and minerals act as antioxidants in their own right. Betavit AFR® is scientifically formulated with multivitamins, minerals and micronutrients with added antioxidants beta-carotene, vitamin C, vitamin E and selenium. Just one capsule a day may be the best way to provide the body with the most complete protection against free radical damage. * RDA not established. Beta-carotene: Can be converted into vitamin A (retinol) if the body needs more vitamin A. Is not converted to vitamin A if the body has sufficient vitamin A, when it then acts as an antioxidant which protects cells from damage caused by harmful free radicals. Vitamin C: Strengthens the immune system, which is the body's natural resistance against colds, flu, chest infections, etc. Also supports the circulatory system and helps maintain healthy blood vessels. Vitamin E: Functions as a tissue antioxidant, thereby keeping cells healthy. Protects unsaturated fatty acids and vitamin A against oxidation in the body. Supports cardiovascular health. Protects red blood cells. Vitamin B1: Is required for the release of energy from glucose. Maintains healthy nerve function. Vitamin B2: Is necessary for cell respiration and growth. Is important for good muscle tone. Is involved in metabolism of proteins, fats and carbohydrates. Is necessary for excellent vision, skin, nails and hair. Vitamin B6: Is essential for utilization of proteins and fats. Is needed for production of red blood cells and antibodies. Is necessary for normal functioning of the nervous system. Vitamin B12: Is a key nutrient for growth. Is an important factor in maintaining health of nervous system, including brain cells. Is necessary for normal digestion, absorption of food, protein synthesis and carbohydrate and fat metabolism. Folic acid: Is important for cell division and in the regeneration of blood cells. Is essential during pregnancy to optimise the development of the baby's nervous system. Plays a role as a cardiovascular support nutrient as it helps to maintain healthy levels of homocysteine. Nicotinamide: Helps the body with protein metabolism and the conversion of fats and carbohydrates into energy. May assist in maintaining healthy cholesterol and triglyceride levels. Pantothenic acid: Plays a role in the metabolism of fatty acids, glucose and proteins for energy production. Helps maintain healthy skin and mucous membranes. Biotin: Plays a role in the formation of fatty acids. Helps the body with the transformation of fats and carbohydrates into energy. Contributes to healthy skin and hair. Iron: Is an important component of haemoglobin in red blood cells, required for oxygen transfer in the blood stream. Manganese: Is involved in the maintenance of healthy bone tissue. Is an enzyme activator. Is a co-factor in energy metabolism. Potassium: Aids in proper maintenance of the mineral balance of blood, as well as stable blood pressure. Copper: Is necessary for proper bone formation and healthy nerves. Is essential for the production of RNA. Zinc: Is an immune support nutrient. Assists in healing of wounds. Maintains healthy hair, skin and nails. Supports eye health. Is an important bone health nutrient. Calcium: Is a structural mineral for bones and teeth. Optimises bone density when sufficient, regular intake takes place. Assists with muscle contraction. Magnesium: Is a structural mineral in bones. Assists in muscle contraction. Plays an important role in energy and protein metabolism. Assists with maintenance of nervous system and cardiovascular system. Selenium: Is an antioxidant nutrient, protecting body cells against free radical damage. Supports healthy immune function. Chromium: Is involved in metabolism of glucose for producing energy. Plays a role in the synthesis of fatty acids and cholesterol. Identification: Oblong, opaque brown soft gelatin capsule. Presentation: 3 strips of 10 capsules in a outer carton. Tel: (021) 943-4200. Email: Web:

Pack size:
30 softgel capsules

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Usage instructions:
Dosage and directions for use: Adults: Take 1 capsule daily after food, or as directed by a healthcare professional. Children (under 12 years): Only for use as prescribed by a healthcare professional.

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