Dermastine Body Lotion With Vitamin A 50ml

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Dermastine Body Lotion With Vitamin A 50ml

Detailed Description:
Pure natural soluble elastin 3%, vitamins A & E.This emulsion rebuilds the elastic fibers in the skin. It improves skin elasticity and suppleness and further helps prevent loss of tone. Softer skin takes up its original form more easily, and tissues regain their original firmness more quickly. The emulsion should be used twice daily (morning and evening), massaged in slowly, as a daily skin care.


Emulsion E/H.Natural pure soluble elastin 3% Vitamin A: 100.000 iu.Vitamin E: 0,25% per 150ml.50, nutrifying and firming emulsion enriched with pure natural soluble elastin 3% and vitamins A & E.

The story of the skin: The skin is a living organ. It is made up of three layers, two of which, the epidermis and the dermis, play a major role in its aesthetic quality. The epidermis is the visible layer of the skin. Beneath it lies the dermis, a supporting tissue made up of cells including, among others, fibroblasts. These particular cells are responsible for the production of elastin, the protein which gives the skin its elasticity and suppleness.

The story of elastin: Elastin, a natural protein made up of spiral filaments that resemble springs, provides the skin with its elasticity enabling it to remain smooth, firm, without lines. Each time we talk, we smile, we laugh, these filaments stretch then spring back to their original shape, much like a rubber band. During our youth, our skin is wrinkle-free, smooth, and firm. Unfortunately, into adulthood, the elastin produced by the skin is of poorer quality and specific enzymes, called elastases gradually degrade it.

The skin thus begins to lose its elasticity and wrinkles slowly appear on the face and body. This is the start of skin ageing. The answer is to supplement the skin with an ample supply of pure natural soluble elastin. The story of vitamins A and E: Vitamin A: Vitamin A has been shown to increase blood supply to the dermis. It is known to inhibit keratinisation associated with the synthesis of mucopolysaccharides and to have a stabilising effect on cell membranes.

As Vitamin A oxidises rapidly, it is often used in conjunction with antioxidants, notably Vitamin E.

Vitamin E

 Vitamin A and E are frequently used together since they have complimentary actions. The synergy of the two vitamins leads to a softening effect on the skin surface and to a global protective action against desquamation.

Vitamin E possesses vasodilatory activity. An emollient-hydrating effect has also been demonstrated. Free radicals are super activated forms of oxygen produced in the skin following a strong input of energy. This happens during exposure to sunlight or intensive cellular respiration. These free radicals accumulate considerable energy, which they then release with partial or even total destruction of cell structure.

The combination of Vitamin A and E reduces the production of free radicals in the skin by 50%.

Dermastine with vitamin A

 This emulsion rebuilds the elastic fibers in the skin. It is an intense moisturizing effect. It improves skin elasticity and helps prevent loss of tone. Softer skin takes up its original form more easily, and tissues regain their original firmness more quickly. Dermastine with Vitamin A has a beneficial effect when applied to breasts, abdomen, and thighs after giving birth.

Wound healing: Dermastine with Vitamin A emulsion reduces the cicitrization time by up to 40% by promoting neo-elastin synthesis. It preserves the elastic fibres from destruction caused by elastase enzymes. It speeds up the healing of scar tissue due to its stimulating effect of the cellular functions.

Composition per 150ml

Natural Pure Soluble Elastin 3%.Vitamin A 100,000 i.u.Vitamin E 0.25%.Emulsion E/H.Presentation: 50ml and 150ml tubes.

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Marketing description:
Dermastine® with vitamin A.Moisturizing, nutrifying and firming emulsion.Pure natural soluble elastin 3%, vitamins A & E.


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