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The Parlux ALYON  is the new must have professional hairdryer designed to offer professionals a high-performance products that is light-weight, durable. and combines technology and innovation, two characteristics also expressed by its unique, prismatic finish.

The Parlux ALYON boasts an innovative ‘hair catcher’ system making it possible to remove all the hair aspirated in the hairdryer, giving the hairdryer a better functioning and a longer lifespan.

Included are two nozzles of different sizes that can be quickly snapped on to regulate the air flow.

Parlux ALYON features:
  • K-ADVANCE PLUS motor
  • 'Air Ionizer Tech' Ionic Technology
  • Power 2,250 watts
  • Anti-Heating front body
  • New built-in cable holder
  • 2 Speed
  • 4 Temperatures
  • Cold air button
  • Hair catcher included
  • Warranty - 6 months

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